Picture Perfect: Portrait and Design | Dubuque, IA

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Welcome Ladies & Gentleman

to one of the nations leaders in

aerial wedding photography!

We have been featured in The Huffington Post & many other sites

with our groundbreaking take on weddings.

We partnered with Aerial Effects LLC, to bring you a view of your wedding no one else is capable of.

Our mastermind behind these image creations is Dale Stierman, the Owner of Picture Perfect: Portrait & Design LLC.

He spends weeks before your big day, preparing unique, original photo ideas that are otherwise impossible to achieve.

The greatest part of this aerial option, is that is is non-intrusive, and only last 30 minutes.  All while providing 5 unbelievable images of your special day. Your day goes exactly as any normal wedding session. Our drone pilots are already on location waiting for the wedding party to arrive to our predetermined location.  The 5 images are then captured in little to no time.

Our staff of 4 professional photographers, 2 drone pilots, 3 lighting assistants and graphic designers are currently capable of capturing 2 weddings simultaneously.

We are currently adding to our fleet of drones and expert pilots for the 2015 season and beyond.

Contact Dale Stierman below for pricing.

Call 563-543-8848

or email us at:


Picture Perfect: Portrait and Design | Dubuque, IA